Purity 101% makes high quality modern, classic kitchens and cutting-edge kitchen appliances. At Purity, we make your kitchens with love.

Who We Are

Backed by 20 years of industry expertise; Purity 101% was Established in 2013 as a Kitchen Appliances & Accessories manufacturer and driven by the will to raise the quality of your kitchen time through our innovative products. 9 years later we decided to offer you the full modern kitchen experience by creating a kitchen units production line and with an aspiration to keep re-investing and continue delivering new and effective solutions to support the life you’re trying to create for your family.

Why Choose Purity? (Our Strengths, Your Value)

Expertise for Devotion At Purity, we believe in Devotion; that’s why all the expertise of our founders, designers and our whole staff has been devoted to nothing but your convenience and satisfaction since day one, it’s our top priority and main motive to present you products that truly add value to your home and life.

Innovation for Solutions

To raise the quality of your kitchen time, we are always striving to redefine the old standards by developing new solutions in every roduct we present to you, starting from designs to problem solving features and unpresented after sales services.

Quality for Trust

You can count on us! All Purity products are manufactured with top-quality materials, high technology, skilled working hands and installed by professionals, in order to achieve the highest levels of durability and reliability for you. In order to gain your precious trust.

  • High Quality

  • Customization

  • Inspiring Designs

  • Best Service

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