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  • How do I get Purity basin accessories?

    Purity reassures you that you will not suffer to find accessories and spare parts for basins, because we provide them with our distributors spread across the various Egyptian governorates.

  • Is there a warranty on exchange parts?

    Purity offers a 5-year warranty on all Purity basin drainage parts. You can replace them for free during the first year, and for half their price during the second year until the fifth year, from Purity showrooms.

  • What is the most appropriate way to operate your kitchen hood?

    Purity hoods will help you get rid of oils and fumes accumulated inside your kitchen once and for all. In order for this to be done, there are two methods that Purity extractors can operate with, whether (pyramidal or flat):
     - The first method: the external expulsion method through (the chimney): in this method, the extractor pulls out the impurities and oils resulting from cooking through a chimney, which is a soft zipper Go out to the nearest wall of the stove overlooking the street or the skylight.
     - The second method: the internal intake method through (filters): the extractor purifies the air laden with oils and fumes and returns it clean to the kitchen again through internal carbon filters. We resort to this method in the event that it is not possible to make a hole in the wall.

  • What is the Predy service?

    A new experience of professionalism and quality that you will experience with Pready service 🚀 Now you can order the most skilled and best technicians to install and maintain sinks from Purity, with years of experience and knowledge of the finest details of Purity and Corgi sinks, who will install your kitchen sink with high professionalism and the best price. Request Pready service now through: Hotline: 16495 or write to us on our page.

  • How do you choose a suitable suction for your kitchen and help you purify the kitchen from impurities, oils and dust?

    The hoods are divided into two types: The first type: the flat hood, and it is preferable to use it if the cooker has kitchen canisters installed on top of it, because its size is suitable, and it is also suitable to be installed in small kitchens because its suction power reaches up to 500 m3/hour.
    The second type: the pyramidal hood, and this is suitable in kitchens that have a vacuum above the cooker, and it is distinguished by its many forms, whether it is glass, decorative, or ordinary, and its suction power is suitable for large kitchens, because its suction power reaches up to 1000 m3/hour.
    If you would like us to help you choose an extractor hood for your kitchen, you can write to us on our page or call us on the hotline: 16495

  • Why do you design your kitchen with Purity?

    Free 3D preview and design of the kitchen.
     - Various materials to suit all tastes, such as: polylacquer, laminate gloss, contour, HPL, etc. 
    - Modern and modern designs.
     - 5 years warranty on the kitchen and 3 years on accessories and hinges.
     For more details about Purity Kitchens, call the hotline: 16495

  • What is the Purity hotline?

    Now you can use the Purity hotline 16495 for the following:
     - Installation requests. Support and maintenance requests.
     - For sales or contracts.
     - To find out the addresses of our branches.
     To find your nearest distributor. Call now and prepare your kitchen from Purity: 16495

  • 8 information you need to know about the Purity brand:

    Purity has been established for kitchen products and appliances since 2013.
    - The founders of the company have more than 20 years of experience in the kitchen market.
    - Purity manufactures kitchens as well as has a large number of kitchen products and appliances
    Such as hoods, basins, ovens, built-in stoves, and other targeted production lines.
    - We have showrooms in Cairo and Alexandria and agents and distributors in various governorates.
    Our products are also available online on a number of electronic sales platforms and delivered to your doorstep.
    - We are always keen to serve our customers during and after the sale, through a quick installation service and a lifetime warranty on all products.
    Spare parts for our devices are always available.
    Our products are manufactured in Europe, Turkey and Korea.
    Purity.. We will change your understanding of kitchen products and appliances.
    For inquiries, please visit our website: https://www.purity-101.com/
    Or call the hotline: 16495

  • What are Koregy tanks?

    Purity presents the Corgi basin, a basin proudly made in Egypt, with Korean specifications.
    Features of Corgi tanks:
    - Fully 304 stainless steel.
    - Stainless.
    - Non-blockable.
    - Egyptian industry with Korean exchange.
    - 10 years guarantee.
    You can buy a Corgi basin through our distributors in different governorates, through page messages, or through the hotline: 16495
    #Purity.. We will change your understanding of sinks.

  • Where can I get Purity products?

    Purity products are available at the largest distributors and showrooms in various Egyptian governorates, in addition to their presence on the largest different electronic platforms such as Amazon, where you can order the product online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.
    To find out the nearest distributor to you, call the hotline: 16495
    Or message us on our page.
      #Purity.. We will change your understanding of the kitchen

  • Why do you design your kitchen from the polylac material from Purity?

    Because it is distinguished by the following:
    - Glossiness of 99 degrees.
    - High scratch resistance.
    - Easy to clean.
    It does not show fingerprints.
    - Withstands high temperatures.
    Water vapor resistance.
    - MDF door and high quality pano chassis.
    Visit us at Semouha Showroom: 14th of May Bridge, in front of Green Plaza, Semouha
    Or contact us through page messages or through the hotline 16495, and get a free preview and design.

  • What is Purity Kitchens?

    We are a company specialized in the kitchen industry, one of the Purity Kitchen Supply Company factories. We have a factory with the latest capabilities, and we design kitchens with the latest international models. Our goal is always to provide distinguished service to all our customers.
    What are the types of kitchens?
    * Arrow veneer counter kitchen
    * Lamy sitting
    * Khashmonium
    * Polylac
    * Aluminium
      * eccleric
      * Arrow
    * beech
    * PVC
    * HPL
    Advantages of manufacturing your kitchen with Purity:
    We have more than 20 years of experience in the kitchen industry.
    Our factory is equipped with the latest capabilities and expertise.
    - We are interested in keeping up with the latest international designs.
    We are committed to providing a service worthy of Purity customers.
    - We offer guarantees on all Purity Factory products.
    We have customer service available around the clock.
    - The kitchen comes to you at a special price directly from the factory.
    Purity kitchen manufacturing stages:
    - Communicate with customer service through the call center 16495
    - Make a preview of the measurements.
    Kitchen design
    Starting the manufacturing process
    - Kitchen installation stage on schedule.
    Purity.. We will change your understanding of the kitchen industry in Egypt.
    For any inquiries, contact us through the call center 16495

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