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Our website respects your privacy and strives to protect your personal data. To find out more, you will read the privacy policy below.

The Privacy Policy explains how to collect your personal data (under certain circumstances). Also, remember the procedures used to ensure the privacy of your information. Finally, this policy determines the options available to you regarding the collection and disclosure of personal data. By visiting the site directly or through another website, you agree to the practices described in this policy.

Protecting your data is very important to us. Hence, your name and other information related to you is used to enable the syntax outlined in the Privacy Policy. We will collect information as necessary or if it is directly related to our dealings with you.

We will keep your data for law agreement or use it for the purposes for which it was collected.

It also browses the site without the need to provide any personal data. Your personal identity remains anonymous throughout your visit to the site and is not exposed unless you own a private electronic property on the site that you access with username and password.

You may need to collect your information if you want to place an order for a good from our site.

We collect, store and process data necessary to continue your purchase from our site to secure any possible demands that may arise later, and to provide you with the services available to us. We may collect personal information including, but not limited to, name, gender, date of birth, email address, postal mailing address (if different), phone number, mobile phone number, fax number, payment details, payment card details or bank account details.

We use the information you provide to enable us to process your requests and to provide you with services and information displayed on our site that you request. In addition, we will use the information you provide to manage your account with us, to verify your financial transactions on the Internet, audits uploading data from the site, identifying site visitors, developing site page designs and / or content and assigning it to users. We conduct numerous research related to demographics, and send useful or required information to the user, for example information about products and services, in the event that you do not object to contacting you about that. Contact is made via e-mail to provide you with some details about other products and services if you wish, and if you prefer to prefer not to receive any promotional and marketing communications, please withdraw from this option at any time.

We may give your name to your third party, delivering your delivery of your purchase order (for example, delivery agent or supplier). All you have to do is provide accurate and non-misleading information to the agent or website, and you should always update them and let us know the changes.

We may be able to store details about your current order on our site, but we cannot recover it directly as security. By logging into your account on the site, you can see the information and details of your purchases that you request, or that you will make soon. You can also manage your address details, bank details and any newsletter you have subscribed to. You should also pledge to deal with total confidentiality when accessing your personal data, so do not make it available to an unauthorized third party. We bear no responsibility for the misuse of passwords unless this misuse is caused by a mistake from us.

Other uses of your personal information You may use your personal information in opinion polls and marketing research, at your discretion, for statistical purposes while ensuring their complete confidentiality, and you are entitled to withdraw at any time. We do not send any answers to any third party. Your email address is only disclosed if you wish to participate in the contests. We keep the answers to the polls completely separate from your private email.

Some data has been used, while maintaining complete privacy and confidentiality on the site, for other purposes including verifying the whereabouts of users and following their visit to the site or links in the e-mail while they subscribe to receive it, and to provide that data anonymously, which does not allow identification Your actual personal identity, to a third party like publishers for example. However, that data will not determine your personality (because it is not identified).


In relation to any competition, we use the data to notify the winners and to announce our offers. You can find more details on the terms of participation in each competition separately.

Third parties and website links

We may transfer your information to other companies in our group or to our agents and contractors that have not assisted us in related transactions in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. For example, we may turn to a third party that has not cooperated with us in delivering products to you and receiving payments that you use for statistical and marketing research purposes or to assist our customer service team. Information has been shared with a third party against fraud protection and credit risk reduction. In the event that we are sold or part thereof, we may have to transfer our databases that include your personal information. Other than as stated in this Privacy Policy, we will not sell your personal data or disclose it to a third party without obtaining your prior approval unless it is necessary for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, or if we are required to do so by law. It may contain the site for third ways or links to other sites or frames of other sites. We inform you that we are not provided with the privacy policy of any third party or the content of these extended policies