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Golden Purity 850 85*51 ID:

9,560.00 EGP

Purity 22 years of experience.
Purity is the first company to give a lifetime guarantee on the stainless steel kitchen sink, which reflects the quality of the product and the accuracy in choosing the finest materials.
With these experiences, Purity Company succeeded in reaching the first classification in the field of stainless steel kitchen sink and cooker hoods
– Purity Company has reached the first classification as a source of trust for distributors and traders, and its reflection on the final consumer prompted the company to make a production line for the manufacture of kitchens and bathroom units of the same quality to gain the same confidence
Purity Steps to the Best♥

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– Size: 85*51

 Designed with a specific depth that matches the bursting force of the water from the mixer to the bottom of the tank

Silencer for water

Stainless 304


Designed with technology to quickly drain water

Contains a bulkhead filter for impurities and waste


Designed with new cavities to make it more elegant and beautiful

Accessories: A small &large basket and dispenser

Lifetime Warranty against rust

Guarantee on exchange parts

Made in Korea


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