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PT606EE- Full Electric Built in oven ID:

16,900.00 EGP

Discover Purity’s XXL built-in oven, the perfect addition to any kitchen👌🏼🧡

  • XXL capacity cooks multiple dishes at once.
  • Even heat distribution ensures perfect results.
  • Maximum efficiency cooks a wide range of dishes with ease.
  • 5-year guarantee for peace of mind and long-lasting performance.
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Electric oven 60 cm stainless
76 litres
Full Turkish
8 jobs
A liter of tops with a distribution oven
 Layer heater with oven without distribution fan
Oven with distribution fan
Heater lists with distribution distribution
 Heater without distribution fan
The oven without a distribution fan
 High-quality Hatter food program at half energy
Product capacity: 2225 watts
Aluminum heating capacity 1000 watts
Coal heating capacity: 1200 watts
Complete safety
cooling fan
Fan distribution
Connection duration (does not support disconnection feature)
There is no proper Sikh
Pop-up keys
Double doors
Maximum fire failure is 250 degrees Celsius
Sunni step
Stainless shelf
made in turkey 
5 years warranty
Ventilation holes 30*40 or 40*40 at the bottom of the oven


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